Liferay UI Development

Liferay UI Development employs a specialized theming system, which allows you to change the look and feel of the user interfaces. As a developer, by using the right tools one can create and manipulate themes with Liferay Portal.

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This program focuses on how portal pages are created and styled and also discusses some simple configuration and customization to change the look and feel of a portal page.

Liferay User Interface Development unlocks the potential of using Liferay as a framework to develop a rich user interface. By the end of this course you will clearly understand themes, layouts, and the Alloy API. Most importantly you will obtain the skills to write a theme and layout templates, apply them to a portal, and also control the portlet UI through different mechanisms.

Key Features

Portlet Sandboxing

Simple UI Development

Single-Click Configuration

Workflow and Framework

Rules Engine Integration

Auditing & Performance Monitoring

User Personalization

Cloud Support

Role Based Content Delivery

Custom Fields

Mobile Provisioning

Search & Tagging