PhoneGap development is an open source framework for quickly building cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Building applications for each device–iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more–requires different frameworks and languages.

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PhoneGap development technology solves this by using standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices. Since PhoneGap apps are standards compliant, they’re future-proofed to work with browsers as they evolve. PhoneGap development technologies has been downloaded over 1 million times and is being used by over 400,000 developers. Thousands of apps built using PhoneGap are available in mobile app stores and directories. PhoneGap development technology is a mobile development framework produced by Nitobi, purchased by Adobe Systems in 2011.

Training Key Features

Even if you have developed the app using PhoneGap, the app can be distributed on App store and Google Play.

If there is little time to go to market, Phonegap is the technology to be used.

If the app is going to be the extension of your existing enterprise app, hybrid will prove to be best choice.

There is no need of additional development skills

With Phonegap, it is easy to do rapid testing ad deployment of an app

You can create hybrid apps to save the development time and efforts.

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